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"Could've Been A Cowgirl"




Latest Single

"Common Law"

Featuring Gabe Lee

“Between sharp-witted writing from Cummins and Lee’s expressive production that turns this into a barn-burning honky-tonk cut that would have fit in well on the aforementioned Honky Tonk Hell, it’s just such a phenomenally well-balanced cut across the board.

Oh, and it’s a riot of a good time, if I didn’t make that clear already. Please check it out! Boom.”

“Zoe Cummins, Gabe Lee – Common Law – ‘Earlier this year Zoe and Andy Wills wrote a witty love song about the concept of common law relationships,’ says Gabe Lee. ‘It took some begging but I eventually convinced Zoe to let me sing it with her as a duet.’ Just a single for now, but keep an eye out for new projects from both of these artists soon. “

“I’ve loved it from the start and I think you will too; because it kicks in almost like a feisty Miranda track, and then as it continues it starts to pay homage almost to like the Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty Days.”

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